Wellness Coach Brand and Website for Balanced Lifestyle & Wellness LLC.

Introducing a Wellness Coach brand and website – I am thrilled to be launching the website for Balanced Lifestyle & Wellness LLC – Holistic health, mindset, and life coaching centered around mind, body, and soul.

Coached by Yuri Bedoy Board certified holistic health practitioner and life coach whose passion is to help others experience a transformation as they discover their own vision for their lives and release generational beliefs and limiting mindsets. 

Yuri came to me with a clear vision for her brand – She wanted her brand to feel balanced, empowering, motivational, energetic, and bold. Yuri, wanted to bring her love of the beach, a place where she finds personal regeneration, into her brand. We used curved design elements, and paired light and airy colors like blue and teal to bring the same tranquil energy from the beach to her brand! 

With the use of bolder colors like purple and gold, we were able to create energy and boldness to inspire others to begin their transformation journey with Yuri as their master guide.

Creating Yuri’s brand and website for her company Balanced Lifestyle & Wellness was an honor! While working closely with Yuri on her project I was inspired by her authenticity, work ethic, and determination to bring her coaching business to life. 

Balanced Lifestyle & Wellness is off to do AMAZING things and serve many people.

Join us in the celebration by visiting Balancedlifestylewellness.com