4 Business Tools You Should Consider For Better Marketing and Client Relationships

Overwhelmed by the endless options of business tools you need when getting started? Not sure what to invest in and what will actually help you achieve your marketing goals and improve your customer experience? I have been there too! From spending hours researching many (and some very pricy $$$) tools, I have discovered the tools that you ACTUALLY need when getting started. These tools will give you peace of mind and leave you well-equipped to master your marketing and customer experience! Here are the tools you need, what they do, + some major discounts on my favorite tools.

A Tool for organizing and improving customer relationships

You spend hours typing up an invoice and proposal only to do it all again a week later. Or even worse your precious leads are floating around in your inbox until you have time to get to them – decreasing their chances of working with you. Don’t worry I have been there too! Using a customer relationship management tool will save you time, and keep your leads informed and organized PLUS make your clients feel loved!

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management – CRM is a tool that allows you to track and manage interactions with customers and leads all in one spot!

Having a database where you are able to easily connect with those you are currently working with and touch base with past leads or customers is crucial to creating a great client experience! CRMs not only allow you to store this information and communicate with customers but they allow you to do so many other necessary admin tasks – Many CRMs have the ability to create contracts, proposals, and invoices and act as a payment gateway.

Implementing a CRM tool in your business will …

  • Help you uplevel your customer journey
  • Create automations in turn saving you time
  • Keep you organized and in touch with customers and leads

The CRM I love!

I love DUBSADO – Dubsado is a CRM for creatives that does ALL of the things I mentioned above and so much more!

I’ve spent time in other CRM’s and for me, Dubsado takes the cake in power and scalability.

It can be as simple or robust as you need it to be.

Dubsado is a business tool you should consider when you are ready to set up your Customer Relationship Management tool to streamline, organize and automate your customer journey.

business Tool to Leverage the MOST powerful form of marketing available

When we think about marketing we primarily think of the content on our website and on social media – However, there is a much more powerful way to reach your customers and that is through email marketing!

Email marketing and the impact of gathering emails and serving an audience in their email inbox has GROWN every year and continues to be the most effective and profitable form of online marketing! ABOVE social media and even SEO.

Choosing an email marketing business tool can be one of the most powerful decisions you make in your business. There are many great options for email marketing platforms that allow you to create email opt-ins, store email data, and, create amazing converting emails and funnels.

The Email Marketing Platform I use PLUS other options to get you started

Mailerlite is a fantastic free option for those just starting out. It is entirely free and so easy to get started. I used mailerlite for a long time and it had served me well.

I am currently using FloDesk, and adore it for its simplicity and pre-built tempaltes.

Constant Contact is great for those with a more complex marketing strategy and a larger email list

I have also heard great things about Convert Kit for service providers and creatives.

business Tool to Make Yourself Accessible

We have all been there “are you free Monday or Wednesday? 9 AM or Noon?” Save yourself and your clients the frustration and time suck of going back and forth to schedule meetings. You set your meeting availability and let your client do the rest!

A call scheduler is a must for allowing customers to easily schedule meetings or appointments with you without the back and forth.


My Call Scheduler Tool

I use and love Calendly! I have been using Calendly as a business tool since the beginning of my business and it has been able to grow with me and my client list.

You set your schedule, and the types of appointments you offer and the customer does the rest!

My favorite part is that you can integrate Calendly with your Google Calendar and all your meetings will be added automatically. Hello time saver + ADHD entrepenuer WIN!

Actually Legit Legal Documents

You are sending off your first contract to a client. You have reviewed it endlessly but as you click send you can’t help but wonder “Would this actually protect my business and it is even legit?” You know it’s super important but also super daunting, well not anymore. You can have an actual attorney-drafted contract that is legit and legally sound with Contractista.

Contracts, sub-agreements, website terms, and conditions are all legal documents that are required for your business and services. You need legally sound documents to set expectations and protect yourself and your company from potential liability. Obtaining these documents can be daunting you need a business tool in your back pocket to source these documents when needed.

Where I source my legal documents

I use Contractista, which is a library of attorney-drafted contracts created by an actual attorney. She offers templates for various industries that come with video tutorials that allow you to further customize your documents while being confident that they are legally sound!

No more wondering if your documents are legit. – Protect your business and your peace of mind, legal documents are worth investing in to protect yourself from the unknown!

There you have it! My must-have business tools will help you feel well equipt to master marketing to client relationships.

  • Dubsado – Organize, communicate, and automate your client/ customer process
  • FloDesk – Or email marketing tool to leverage the most powerful form of marketing
  • Calendly – Streamline appointment bookings without the headache
  • Contractista – Source legitimate legal documents

Remember, recommendations mean nothing if you don’t actually investigate them – Let’s get to work and begin using tools that help up forward our vision! Dive into these tools by downloading the links sheet- You’ll find links to ALL the tools I listed + Any discount codes I may have for them! Easily sign up for these tools using the links and discount code sheet to get started on ALL of the tools I mentioned. Because who doesn’t love saving a good buck?