Passive Income That Makes You Money Online

Passive Income Ideas That Make You Money

How to create a passive income in your small business to bring in money even when you’re sleeping

What is Passive Income

Passive income allows you to make money through your small business but is not your main source of income.

Here are some ways you can diversify your income through online side hustles

Start A Blog

Blogging is a great source of revenue. You are able to make money as your blog grows and you have more and more traffic to your website.

Companies will pay you to place their ads on your website. You can make money through your normal website traffic.

This is a great option because blog posts have a long life span- meaning that they are still being read and searched for long after you wrote the post.

Affiliate Marketing

Become an affiliate to products you use everyday in your business.

Promote the product you already use as well as a link and you will get a kick back from any purchase made through that link.

Easy cash, how could you not?

Cash Back

Another revenue that yields fantastic money is cash back apps and extensions.

My favorite is Ibotta. I shop through the Walmart grocery app and It gives me real money to cash out.

Stock Photography

That’s right. If you enjoy taking pictures you may be able to sell them to websites like Pexels OR Unsplash

Passive Income Is For Everyone

You do not need to hustle your 9-5 to start making money. In a world of innovation, we need to change the way our money works for us.

Passive income doesn’t replace hard work but it makes our money work for us.

If blogging seems right to you- visit my other post So You Want to be a Blogger Now What

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