How To Turn Your Brain Dump Into An Effective To-do List

How To turn your Brain Dump into an Effective To-do List

I started turning my brain dump into an effective to-do list and stopped playing my business like a hobby.

Start moving the needle forward in your business and turn your brain dump into an effective to-do list!

I have been there before! I have had weeks of working on random tasks in my business that seemed important in the moment but, weren’t actually productive. Then, at the end of the week, I look back feeling unaccomplished.

Here is how i turned by brain dump into an effective to-do list.

What is a Brain Dump?

The genius ideas you have while doing the dishes and folding laundry. The middle of the night business plans and inspirations. A brain dump is where you put all those thoughts and ideas so you may reference them at a later point.

It is quite litterally a brain dump.

Keep your brain dump in a place that is easily accessible. I keep mine in my phone Notes

How do I turn it into an Effective to-do list?

Throughout- out the week you will include random thoughts, ideas, and tasks into your brain dump that you can keep in your phone or on a piece of paper. At the end of the week or beginning of the next week, you are going turn your brain dump into manageable tasks.

Turn the Brain Dump into Tasks

“If you keep a brain dump that you never organize, you will eventually have an endless list of dreams instead of manageable tasks”

Firstly, identify the tasks that would move the needle along in your business. oftentimes these are tasks that you have been avoiding. These are usually Quarter Planning, Budgeting, and Advertising.

Once you identify these tasks write them down on a separate piece of paper to be put onto a calendar later.

Next, you will identify the must-do tasks, and pleasure tasks. The must-do tasks are client projects and deadlines. Pleasure tasks would be considered tasks that would be nice to accomplish but your business doesn’t rely on.

Put the Brain-dump into Action

Now that you have your brain dump organized into Progress tasks, to-do tasks, and pleasure tasks. You can now put these tasks into action. You should have your priorities listed down on a sheet of paper. After you have listed them you will take your list and put them into a calendar.

You can use a paper planner or you can use a digital calendar like Google calendar or Apple calendar. I personally use Apple calendar because it allows me to have multiple calendars at the same time. Although Google calendar is very similar where you can color-code your different tasks. I additionally appreciate the syncing that Apple calendar does to my phone.

As you add tasks to the calendar really prioritize the tasks that are going to give you progress within your business. I’ll plan these tasks first so I make sure that they happen. Next, I will Move on to client projects, And blog posts that go out weekly. lastly, I do my pleasure projects. This is any kind of design work that doesn’t relate to a client project or networking events.

Conquer the Week with Your Effective To-do List

Now you have a plan for your week you can be effective and progressive in your business.


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