How to Craft the Perfect Social Media Strategy for Female Entrepreneurs

How to Craft the Perfect Social Media Strategy for Female Entrepreneurs

Three things you need to be posting for a killer social media strategy that will launch female entrepreneurs like you into the next playing field.

“But I have Posted This for the Millionth Time!”

“Hey, there ladies! Try this new product that made me super skinny! Here is my morning line up of powders, come back tomorrow so I can show you THE EXACT SAME THING!”

Sound familiar? Is this you? OR who do you have in mind right now?

Because I know I see this all over my feed daily. In reality, what I see is women trying their best but have no social media strategy.

Stop feeling like you are regurgitating content to a dead audience and show up to the social media table with confidence as the driven female entrepreneur that you are!

What is Social Media Strategy?

Social media strategy is a formulated plan for strategically creating content and using that content to engage an audience and grow a business through social media.

Everybody in the online space is using a social media strategy to leverage social media and all the power that it has to offer. Whiter you are using instagram or facebook, If you are not using social media strategically you are not harvesting the full potential that it can offer you as a female entrepreneur.

Why do I need A Social Media Strategy?

As a female entrepreneur, it is almost 10 times more important to have a social media strategy then your counterpart. So many women are on social media every single minute of the day and they are looking for value out of your content. You need a social media strategy as a female entrepreneur in order to give your customers the value that they are looking for.

With a social media strategy you are going to show up more confident on social media and you will not feel like you’re regurgitating the same content over and over again. You will begin to create content that is actually engaging to your audience. And on top of that, you will also be providing the consistency that your audience can rely on. As female entrepreneurs who are running our businesses day in and day out we can absolutely value strategy and with social media strategy you will be able to see firsthand what works and what does not.

PRO TIP: We do not measure our success on social media, based on our number of followers. Instead, we base our success on meaningful social interactions.


Viral content is shareable. Content that is going to make me want to add them to my story or send it to a friend.

Think of

  • Tweets
  • memes
  • quotes
  • graphs


Everybody is on social media because we are trying to gain value from these platforms. If you are not providing value to your audience you are not going to succeed on social media. That is why Value is so important to your social media strategy. Arguably, I would say that value is even more important as a female entrepreneur because we are oftentimes doing the exact same thing as the girl next to us. Value is what keeps your audience coming back for more. If you are not providing them with valuable content they are going to move on and follow somebody who will.

Value posts would include

  • Expertise
  • Helpful
  • Educational
  • Inspirational

As female entrepreneurs, we are providing value by sharing our expertise in our field. For example, I recently went on my Instagram stories to tell my audience why they should be investing in buying their name as a domain name. some would say that has absolutely nothing to do with web design, however, I knew that that would appeal to my potential customers provide them with value through my expertise.


“But Jen my business social media accounts are not the place for me to get vulnerable about my business.” I would like to challenge that head-on. People buy based on emotions. Customers buy because you are solving a problem that hits a pain point. You need to hit your customers at a deeper desire for buying your product or service. For example, I don’t tell customers that they need to buy web design from me because that’s what their business needs. I tell customers they need to buy web design from me because if they don’t they’re losing customers by the second and it is hurting their money-making ability. I hit another pain point by addressing my customer’s lack of time. Many entrepreneurs don’t have the time to sit at their desk and figure out how to work a content management system like WordPress. So I tell them to get back to the things that actually matter in their business while I take care of the website for them.

Vulnerable posts would include

  • Hit the pain points
  • Appeal to a natural human need
  • Personal story

Examples of companies that are appealing to a natural human need through their tag lines.

Coca-colaOpen happiness – which appeals to everyone’s innate desire to be happy.

L’OrealBecause you’re worth it – appeals to a woman’s desire to feel like she carries value.

AirbnbBelong everywhere – appeals to ones desire for tribe and acceptance

Social Media Strategy is Powerful as A Female Entrepreneur

Social media strategy is so incredibly important as a female entrepreneur. There is so much against us already. The online space is a place where women can truly thrive if we know what we’re doing and we have a plan for the content that we are placing on these platforms. Stop regurgitating the same content over and over again.

Show up on Instagram and Facebook and Pinterest confidently daily. Knowing that what you are providing is of value. That you being vulnerable and can ultimately go viral. With social media strategy, you will see exponential growth not only in your social media profiles but also in your business and within your sales.

If customers can see that you’re providing value on social media they are going to believe in your product or service before they even get to your sales page.?


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