10 – Consistency and Discipline in Fitness, Business, and Social Media With Immortality Personal Training.


I sat down with Justin of Immortality Personal Training to talk about consistency and discipline in fitness, business, and social media and how you can overcome mental roadblocks that prevent you from accomplishing the tasks you set for yourself. If you’ve ever had to mentally argue with yourself to work out or “just do it” you know what I am talking about! After this episode, you’ll learn how fitness and business play together hand and hand and how you can create more consistency and discipline in your life to conquer your goals and ultimately create confidence.

Improving your fitness improves your business

There is a common trait among high achievers and the 1% in the entrepreneur space, and that is they prioritize their physical fitness. I asked Justin if he has seen for himself or his clients more results in business with a consistent fitness routine. Here are some key takeaways.

  • It has been proven that when you take care of your body, it transcends into other areas of your life.
  • When you start caring about your fitness you start caring about everything that you do.
  • When you are consistent not only do you start to see results, but you also build muscle memory to sustain it. This applies to your fitness routine and your consistency on social media.

Creating consistency and tracking your progress

Justin has harnessed the power of social media and posts authentic content consistently. I asked Justin what advice he has for staying on the path to creating discipline and consistency gives us these two very important reminders.

Lower your expectations, there is no instant gratification – It is easy to become discouraged as a business owner or in your fitness journey when you don’t see instant results. Keep working, and you will see results with relentless consistency.

“Lower your expectations and know that you’re putting in that work. This is your business. you don’t get paid hourly. Someone’s not filling out a check at the end of the week or every two weeks. so there’s going to be a lot of times you put in where it doesn’t pay off. But as you’re consistent over time it’s going to pay off more and more, and you have to do as much work and you’ll make more out of the work you do.”

Track your progress – The small wins and improvements can become encouragement and create momentum. Check in with yourself. If you are a beginner in fitness, you may not see pounds off the scale immediately but small improvements in the ways you feel and the way your pants fit can keep you going and create that consistency.

Overcoming ourselves – Stop the mental argument and be disciplined

We all have had mental arguments with ourselves over the things we know we NEED to do but don’t want to do. Overcoming these mental arguments and doing what is required is what creates a discipline that yields results in our physical fitness and businesses. Here is Justin’s advice for pushing past the mental arguments and doing the actual work.

Understand your priorities and the consequences – We tend to prioritize the things that we’d rather do over the things that need to be done. Understand the consequences and what is at stake for not taking action on the things that are important to you. If you are avoiding an issue or problem area you need to address it head-on. If you hate or suck at it, it is because you haven’t gotten good at it yet. And that takes repetition.

Take the pain away from tasks you don’t want to do – Justin shares a practical way to complete the tasks you don’t want to do.

“Find a a way to multitask with the things that you like to do and add them to the things that are miserable and that kind of takes away from the pain. There are lots of things that I have to do. And’ll just hit a day where I’m like all right I got to do all this and I’ll do the things I don’t want to do. Just go sit down and get it done. Stop screwing around. Even when my mind says don’t do it, bro. Don’t do it. You don’t want to, but I get it done.”

In Summary

  • Taking physical care of yourself allows you to show up as a better more confident version of yourself in life and business.
  • Lower your expectations and continue pushing on understanding that there is no instant gratification.
  • Make painful tasks more enjoyable by multitasking with something else you like to do. But nonetheless, just get it done.

This was a great interview with Justin of Immortality Personal Training and serves as a reminder that we should be taking care of ourselves physically and cultivate consistency and discipline in all areas of our lives. If you are looking for an excellent personal trainer in Arizona you can work with Justin out of his home gym in San Tan Valley Arizona, or our of Self Made Training Facility in Gilbert, Arizona.

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