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LISTEN ON APPLE PODCAST | SPOTIFY | YOUTUBE Freedom Based Business Podcast is here to inspire and showcase to others that achieving freedom and success whatever that may look like TO YOU is entirely possible and there is no better example of that than my recent client Melissa! Melissa is the owner of Edible Shots by Melissa is a […]

11 – Transitioning from Employee to CEO and Turning Passion into Profit with Melissa Wilbur Food Photographer and Online Store Owner.

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LISTEN ON | APPLE PODCAST | SPOTIFY | YOUTUBE I sat down with Justin of Immortality Personal Training to talk about consistency and discipline in fitness, business, and social media and how you can overcome mental roadblocks that prevent you from accomplishing the tasks you set for yourself. If you’ve ever had to mentally argue […]

10 – Consistency and Discipline in Fitness, Business, and Social Media With Immortality Personal Training.