4 Website Content You Need For Your Site

4 Website Content You Need For Your Site

Website content you need on your website. However, You may or may not have thought about these things, but you need them. Having these core pieces of content will allow you to build a high caliber website.

Before you build your website you need these pieces of content.

1. Landscape and portrait images

You need images of both orientations. This is a key piece of website content and design. Different orientated images will look better in different parts of your website.

Many times when I am sourcing content I will get a gallery of portrait images and no landscape images. Switch it up and bit and offer your web designer a wide variety.

2. Testimonials

If you are a small business or selling a product you need high quality testimonials on your website.

Not only do you need testimonials. You need permission to use these testimonials as part of your website.

If you have not already, contact your past clients and gather their permission to use their testimonials on your website.

3. Copy Writer or text

additionally, your website needs to say something- either a selling point or what you value you provide.

I recommend starting with a blank document and writing down all your selling points or what you want your desired customer to know.

Text is a core piece of website content. Therefore, I offer a website copy blueprint that will help walk you through creating text for your website.

4. Hosting and a domain name

Finally, So many do not realize that you need hosting and a domain name in order to have a website.

This isn’t necessarily content but absolutely necessary.

I use Bluehost.com for my hosting a domain names.

In conclusion website content

Offer a variety of content to your web designer. The more you offer, and the clearer you are with your vision the better website we can provide.

Read my article on Website Designs That Make you Money to give you content ideas to further your content sourcing. Using both these tools will surely give you a money making site.


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