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Tanner - Auto Glass Medix 
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"Dedication to my website is evident in all aspects"

We Developed a great partnership and Jennifers dedication to my website is evident in all aspects of the site. We appreciate the creative & detail-oriented approach to bringing my website back to life.

Ellie - Ellie mae makes BALLOON ARTIST

"For businesses looking to launch themselves forward"

I feel very confident in recommending Jennifer to other small businesses looking to launch themselves forward. Jennifer's open mind for design is what sets Her apart. I could have never came up with the designs on my own


"This was a pivotal step into my entrepreneur journey"

She provides her services but also makes the process so much easier by helping you stay motivated and in touch with your vision for your project. You will be glad to choose an amazing person to work with that will be projecting that same passion for your business as you have.

Serving big dream business owners 

A website shouldn't be what holds you back from making sales and gaining customers.

Brands and websites that feel strategic, attainable, and anything but intimidating; so that you feel well-equipped, confident, and, excited to market your big dreams online with a strategic clear path that makes you money and forwards your growth.

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Your library of business advice, practical tools and advice that you can start implementing in your business today! 

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The show that will inspire you to achieve your vision of freedom, whatever that may mean to YOU. Break free from constrictive thinking, social idealizations and limiting beliefs so you can move towards yours big vision. On Freedom Based Business you'll find tools and practical advice that you will inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals in life and business.

Episode 6 • Practical Methods For Brand Clarity And Confidence 

Episode 5 • 4 Business Tools You Should Consider For Better Marketing And Client Relationships

Episode 4 • 23 Things I Learned From Building A Business By 23

Interview With Josh Hall Episode 171 • Tips For Being A Work From Home Mompreneur

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jENNIFER - Owner of click charisma

Empowering business owners with strategic, well-rounded websites that work for them so they can work on their business.

4 years of building brands and websites for business owners. 
I started in the corporate world as a web design coach where I saw it time & time again... Business owners who were frustrated from building their websites themselves without any guidance. Building their websites became a time suck that took them away from focusing on what really mattered, their business and their customers. Without any guidance, many would spend unnecessary time and money trying to build their websites. My mission is to be a partner, educator and all around cheerleader for your business through the impactful work of web design. I want to work on your website so YOU can work on your business! 

recent work

Wellness Coach Brand And Website For Balanced Lifestyle & Wellness LLC.
Introducing a Wellness Coach brand and website – I am thrilled to be launching the website for Balanced Lifestyle & Wellness LLC – Holistic health, mindset, and life coaching centered around mind, body, and soul.

Coached by Yuri Bedoy Board certified holistic health practitioner and life coach whose passion is to help others experience a transformation as they discover their own vision for their lives and release generational beliefs and limiting mindsets. 

Yuri came to me with a clear vision for her brand – She wanted her brand to feel balanced, empowering, motivational, energetic, and bold. Yuri, wanted to bring her love of the beach, a place where she finds personal regeneration, into her brand. We used curved design elements, and paired light and airy colors like blue and teal to bring the same tranquil energy from the beach to her brand! 

Wellness Coach Website for Balanced Lifestyle & Wellness

wellness coach site

Get ready to party, because today we are celebrating the launch of Ellie Mae Makes Custom Branding & Showit Website Design! Ellie is a one-of-a-kind Balloon Decor Artist here in Queen Creek, Arizona who knows how to make a PARTY POP! 

Ellie came to me with a vision of color and confetti. I was so excited to bring the party online for her with a brand and website that would truly pop! We created a unique brand and website that will be able to cater to her already loyal clients and fan base. 

We had a ton of fun with unique fonts, patterns, and symbols for Ellie’s brand – My favorite being the Balloon dog! (How stinkin’ cute!) Ellie was so fun to work with and as a designer, I will always say HECK YES to getting to work with fun colors. It was truly an honor to work with Ellie and design her brand and website! 

Balloon Artist Website for Ellie Mae Makes Custom Parties & Decor

balloon artist site